What is Dungeons and Dragons?

D&D is at it's core a roleplaying adventure game. A group of people can play with just a book, some dice, and their imaginations. One person typically acts as the DM (Dungeon Master)/ storyteller, while the others create characters and interact with the story the DM weaves. D&D improves critical thinking, social skills, team work and even math skills! 

To play D&D you need a character! Some campaigns use pre-made characters and are ready to go! But most require you to build a character to play with! Building a character is easy and you get to customize a lot about them! To build one you use the Player's Handbook. You can stop by the library to use ours or make one online on D&D Beyond! After making your character you can also make portraits of them to get a visual sense of what they look like! I used 2Minute Tabletop to make these tokens!

hammertheshark_goblin female 3_2020-12-2
hammertheshark_Green Dragon_2020-12-28T2
david-wilson_Tabaxi Cleric Male_2020-12-
hammertheshark_Triton male cloth_2020-12

Useful resources for D&D players and DMs