SEPT 7, 2019   9am-1:00pm

We host authors from around the East Tennessee

area for free events. Our largest author event of the year is the Thunder Road Author Rally. This year's Rally will be on September 8th from 9am-1pm. This event is free for readers as well as the authors and where you can support an author by purchasing their book as well as talk to them about their books. 

If you have any questions please email

Are you an Author wanting to attend our event?

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Here is a list of our Authors who will to be with us on

Sept 7,2019 checkout their website or email them 

Name                                              WebSite or Email's

Aaron Russell           

Andrea Renee Smith

Becky Sawyer          

Bonnie Peters           

Brook Cox                 

Elizabeth & J. Nathanael

Ester Lopez               

Faye Wilson              

JC Morrows              

JK Ensley                  

Jim Harsell                


Lexi Witcher/Leanne Tyler


Macy Morrows            


Naomi Miller               


Pamela J Keene         

Patricia Gilliam          


T.G Franklin                


Tommy Daugherty